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Appearance on UK's West Wilts Radio

Updated: Apr 28

Here's a note from co-host, Dawn Gorman -- This month’s episode of The Poetry Place on West Wilts Radio will welcome guest poets Frances-Anne King and Luke Palmer, with additional readings in a particularly fine open mic from Sue Proffitt, Susan Jordan, Lucy Heuschen, Rebecca Gethin, Pratibha Castle, Lucia Daramus, Hiram Larew, Wendy Webb and Trevor Pearce. Together, the poets will consider themes including mothers, fathers, pathways, plants and that binder-together of all of us, all of everything – love. As one poet puts it, while in the midst of doing something else, ‘what I’m really doing is loving you’, while another, watching a rescued bird about to be released, says ‘what you most love must be freed’. And both Frances-Anne and Luke will consider how we can come to terms with difficult emotions through the transformative power of creativity and love.

You can catch the show at the following link; look for the April 28, 2024 show --

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Grace Cavalieri
Grace Cavalieri
Apr 25

globetrotter, heart stopper

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