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Hats or Trees


We are alive my love
      and there is your chin
Or porch lights turned on
      and your grin as far as fields
      or trains can see


What more than this
      can ever be
      my love --
This over-hum of time
      that through whatever ways
      will become
In dusk the breeze
      of hats or trees my love


This just right here this now my love
      and what’s to come
      and we’re alive


And so my love
      these ohs that blend –
            how mornings know
            or evenings hum
            as all the gathers breathe

First published in Reflections.
UK Reading (Vic and Claire, Sept 16, 2022)

Patchy Ways  cover.jpg

Patchy Ways

To see like a leaf. To stop at every this-is-why. To be as careless as frayed twine. In Patchy Ways, Larew
ventures out into the world’s wide open, finds questions and remarkables, and retrieves a squint or two
of what it means to be alive. Come share the shade with him.

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