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  • Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow at Hood College, Frederick, MD (USA)

    • During a very gratifying week’s visit to campus, Larew visited with classes, campus-wide sessions, community luncheons, and food banks about food security, poetry and related topics. For article and more information, click here.

  • Courtesy Faculty Member, Montana State University

    • For several years, Larew has assisted Dr. Florence Dunkel as she offers classes which offer undergraduate and graduate students the chance to conduct research on traditional knowledge, the cultural dimensions of agriculture, and the key role that listening plays in shaping science.  [Link to interview here?]

  • Honors Colloquium on the Poetry of Hunger, Oregon State University

    • In collaboration with Drs. Stella Coakley and Lynda Ciuffetti, Larew asks Honors students to explore the role that poetry can play in confronting hunger, visit the campus Food Pantry, and plan an anti-hunger activity that draws on the power of poetry.  [Link to Instagram visit here?]


  • Poetry as part of Global Learning in Agriculture

    • GLAG draws several hundred US and international participants to exciting discussions about innovative education tools for K-18 teachers of agriculture, nutrition and related topics. With contests and open mic cafes, Larew has helped GLAG to showcase poetry as a powerful classroom tool. Click here to learn more.

  • Poetry and Community Engagement

    • Working with the National Extension Foundation, Larew has offered a webinar to University professionals about how to use poetry, yes, poetry as a new and amazing way of reaching a diversity of young and adult audiences about nutrition, food security and inequities, climate concerns, pollinators and the like.  [Link to webinar]. He has also been invited to lead poetry workshops hosted by the University of the District of Columbia for high schoolers attending the Food Justice Youth Summit, evening discussions of the Pipe and Port gentlemen’s community group of Annapolis, MD (USA), and Writing Workshops hosted by Split This Rock, a nationally active collective of poets of witness and conscience based in Washington, DC (USA).

  • He is retired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and has received Distinguished Alumni awards from the University of Georgia and Oregon State University. He lives in Churchton, MD. For more, click here.

Campus Based Work

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