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Below are the collections of Larew's books of poetry.

Some of the collections are out of print while others are still available from the publisher. Hover over the cover for more information.

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Mud Ajar

In its very speak of twigs, with all of its flies over pies, and for its every rake on a shoulder... here's a rucksack of poem adventures!


What Hiram Larew offers in this fifth collection is a grateful glisten of poems. Many were written as outdoor rambles during the 2020-21 pandemic. Others look back over a shoulder at what seems long ago. And some are simply puddles of ponder. But above and beyond all of that, with eyes that love sound and hearts that gleam, Larew's Mud Ajar is an opening that's not meant to end.

When I speak twig

above me

the sounds are unimaginable

Each swollen bud laces its shoes

and those earwigs their pinches

squeak out to my growing

gold days

They grab my damp heart in-waiting…

— from In-Waiting

Patchy Ways  cover.jpg

Patchy Ways

To see like a leaf. To stop at every this is why. To be as carless as frayed twine. In Patch Ways, Larewventures out into the world’s wide open, finds questions and remarkables, and retrieves a squint or twoof what it means to be alive. Come share the shade with him.



His fourth collection, Undone, was published by FootHills Publishing and is available for purchase. This collection includes poems such as Custard, Undone, and the mini-essay, The Power of Poetry.

From this far away

The Civil War and Revolutionary War

Seem like custard to me

That’s not to minimize the horrors

But it is to say that I have learned to accept my aging face

and all the sweets that come with ghostings

 from Custard



His third collection, Utmost, was published by I. Giraffe Press and is currently out of print. It includes poems such as Render, Out Here, and Boy Howdy.

Modern life hurts me

Would that I could die in the arms

Of seed catalogues

Or turn over in a bed and feel

Snow coming in the window

 from Boy Howdy

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More Than Anything

His second collection, More Than Anything, was published by Vrzhu Press and is available on Amazon. It includes poems such as Hope, One More Thing, and Go Rouse James.

Don’t Tell Anyone


The hardest thing to do is keep

Or stay

When most of what we do sneaks out


Or turns cousinish on us


Largely put

Ours isn’t ours ever

It couldn’t be


We need to learn to haven’t

To pine for never

To unlove love

To trust the weather.

Part Of  Cover_edited.jpg

Part Of

Larew’s first collection, Part Of, was published by the City of Baltimore, Maryland (USA) as the winner of the City’s ArtScape competition. Now out of print, the collection was selected by juror, Belle Waring, and includes poems such as Boat, By Watching, and What I Learned at the Barber.

There are better ways of learning

Ways as ready as your bird box

There are better people

Ones who get polished by the wind

And there are better seeds

The kind that wait a year or two.

 from Better Seeds

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