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The stars in your chest --

the sounds of their glow

their flash blink wings

their touch top skies.


These leaps towards light --

these grateful urging holy stars

in your chest and now in your throat.


Their voices of beams

even into your heart and beyond.


Their blaze --

each star that starts in your chest

and spins out from there.


Spins you as nothing else can

as magic comes true

with your chances so inside and out.


With each and every star

so over the moon.

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Mud Ajar

In its very speak of twigs, with all of its flies over pies, and for its every rake on a shoulder... here's a rucksack of poem adventures!


What Hiram Larew offers in this fifth collection is a grateful glisten of poems. Many were written as outdoor rambles during the 2020-21 pandemic. Others look back over a shoulder at what seems long ago. And some are simply puddles of ponder. But above and beyond all of that, with eyes that love sound and hearts that gleam, Larew's Mud Ajar is an opening that's not meant to end.

When I speak twig

above me

the sounds are unimaginable

Each swollen bud laces its shoes

and those earwigs their pinches

squeak out to my growing

gold days

They grab my damp heart in-waiting…

— from In-Waiting

The Magic of American Sign Language and Poetry

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