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Creatives in Conversation features Mud Ajar on May 4, 2022

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Here's a message from Mary Dezember, Ph. D. who hosts the Creatives in Conversation online series.

Tomorrow! Creative Collaboration: Writing & Recording Poems with Poet Hiram Larew and Narrator/Producer T. A. Niles! May 4, 5:30 pm MT! Join Us!

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Hi All!

I hope you can join us—even with camera off and just enjoy the show—tomorrow—for poet Hiram Larew and narrator/producer T. A. Niles on Creative Collaboration: Writing & Recording Poems.

Poet Hiram Larew and Narrator/Producer T. A. Niles, presenting-- Creative Collaboration: Writing and Recording Poems Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Hiram Larew's poems have appeared widely, most recently in Poetry South, Best Poetry Online, Iowa Review, and Contemporary American Voices. Illustration of Hiram Larew by Donna Luhrs Courtesy of Hiram Larew

Join poet Hiram Larew and narrator/producer T. A. Niles as they discuss how they worked together to produce the audiobook version of Larew's newest collection, Mud Ajar (Atmosphere Press, 2021). Photo credit: T. A. Niles, courtesy of Hiram Larew

SNEAK PEEK! Below see a sneak peek of a soon-to-be-released longer video that Hiram and T. A. created, in collaboration with poet and harmonica player, Cliff Bernier. The clip is of T. A. reading “Boat,” a poem that appeared in Hiram’s first collection, Part Of. Also included is Hiram reading “Unction,” a poem that appears in his fourth collection, Undone. And a note from Hiram: “The longer video will have poems from all but one of my collections. The theme of the video is my love of poetry. The purpose of the video? It’s designed to bring music and photography to the interpretation of a few, selected poems that I’ve written over the years.”

In my newest review, I summarize some elements of strong poetry with examples from Mud Ajar by Hiram Larew. I also comment on the audio book narration by T. A. Niles, as follows: “Even though I can hear the musicality when reading the poems to myself—because Hiram’s skill in creating lyrical poetry is stellar… …Hearing T. A.’s exquisite nuanced voice, punctuating each word perfectly for full effect, took me as if I were riding a magical, golden, crafted raft floating on a peaceful stream of poetry, every twist and turn navigated sublimely.” You can read the entire review—with the great examples of Hiram’s poetry—in the blog post below:

MON, APR 25 Sublime Musicality, Originality & Insight with Poet Hiram Larew & Narrator T. A. Niles By Mary Dezember A Review from Dr. Dezember’s View Strong poetry, at its essence, is a musical, soul-event revealing originality and insight.

  • The musicality of originality can come when the poet dedicate

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David Eberhardt
David Eberhardt
04 May 2022

wld like to attend- see no link- dave eberhardt

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