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Greening the Earth -- Online Reading

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Poetry Readings on zoom on December 1 and Dec 6, 2023


"Greening the Earth" (A Penguin Random House Publication)

Hosted by Dr Nishi Chawla

**Two Readings **

First Reading -- December 1 at 11 AM EST

Featured Poets George Zsirtes, Sarah Allen, Margo Stever, Shubhro Bandopadhya, Raffi Del Bourgo, Ann Bracken, Susanna Case, Nishi Chawla, Alfred Corn, J P Grasser, P.N. Gopikrishnan, Hywel Griffiths, Sampura Chattarji, Sarah Key, Hiram Larew, Maria Lisella, Diane Wilbon Parks, M P Pratheish, Ann Quinn, Shafi Shauq, Cheran Rudhramoorthy, Katherine Swett, and Lucille Lang Day

Thanks to Dr. Nishi Chawla for assembling the anthology and for organizing this reading.

Here's the link and passcode to the recording of this 2-hr reading. Larew reads "A Bad Year for Tomatoes" from minutes 52 thru 55 --

Passcode: K.3YL.^C

Second Reading -- December 6 at 11 AM EST

Featured Poets

Amir Or, Sharon Dolin, Barbara Quick, Abhay K, Joel Allegreti, Makhdoom Ammar Aziz, Grace Cavalieri, Priya Sarukkai Chabria,Gail Entrekin, Geoffrey Himes, S Joseph, Susanna Lang, Monica Modi, Rochelle Potkar, Sharmila Pokhare, Margaret Saraco, Laura Shovan, Penelope Shuttle, K Satchidanandan, K Srilata, Heidi Williamson, Erin Petti, and Eva Christina Zeller


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