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Patchy Ways Spotlit on Britain's Oooh Beehive Series

Updated: May 2, 2023

Thanks to co-Buzzers Clive Oseman and Nik Lurvell for assembling the Hive on Friday, April 14, 2023 for a honey-of-a-reading by close to 30 poets from around the world. Poems from Patchy Ways were featured!

And, here's Clive's note about the reading --

Still buzzing from last night. What an incredible show that was. Hiram Larew was fantastic... and that open mic! Wow. In a good way it was like oooh beehive in the height of lockdown. We already had a great open mic lined up, but then we opened the room! So many of our favourite people turning up unexpectedly after an absence. It was wonderful. Not going to name anyone here as I'm just about to go to work and i wouldn't want to miss anyone out, but if you were one of the returning beehivers, I'm pointing at you.

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Joseph Mwita
Joseph Mwita
Apr 17, 2023

Congratulations Larew

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