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"Put Down for Later" and "Achill Sound" Appear

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

My gratitude to Editor Jeffrey Spahr-Summers for publishing Put Down for Later (below) in Issue #2 of Jasper's Folly Poetry Journal. And, for re-publishing Achill Sound in the same issue.

Put Down for Later

As simple as they look

All of the words here are buckets of complicated

That you and I spit in

For all that we know


And if a mumble or rust spot

Of this or that starts leaking

Then so be it

The words will go everywhere

Into nights that spill over their ditches

And what’s scribbled or handled

As precious

May get tossed out for good

As easy as it seems

What happens always

And right here is a mess-spill

Of lines that muddy all findings

Or even slop to

So take care

And look out for

Night to day or far and wide

Whenever lip-wetted pencils

Start diving in


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