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Detroit UU Poetry Vespers -- Aug 23, 2023

The following folks and organizations helped to make this 50-minute program themed on "Wandering through Wonder" possible. I tip my hat to such wonderful partners and collaborators.

* Nancy Owen Nelson and Dan Secrest of the UU Poetry Vespers team

* Translator Stephanie Niles

* The Sailor Review Poets Dr. Thembi Tanya and Takudzwa Chikepe

* Award-winning Poet Brian Donnell James;

* Stacia Sturman of Feed the Children

* Rhonda Watson of Roots for Life

* Robyn Love of Seed Programs International

* Poet and Narrator T. A. Niles

* Poet and Harmonica Player Cliff Bernier

* Poet and American Sign Language Interpreter Eric Epstein

* Voices of Woodlawn Presenter Patrick Washington with Vocalist/Musician Benjamin Mertz, and the other

Voices of Woodlawn Members -- Sylvia "Ladi Di" Beverly, and Diane Wilbon Parks

* Award-winning Whistler Carole Anne Kaufman


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