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Poem Appears for National Poetry Month

In celebration of National Poetry Month, poet Stazja McFadyen of Poets for Human Rights, shared Whiff -- a poem that's giddy with Spring -- along with other poets' works in her April 2024 e-newsletter.  For information about Poets for Human Rights, send an email to Ms. McFadyen at



Open air is all my hearts

its beckon shirts my days

What wildly loves in me

grows in clumps

or tufts in rain or ditches

and never fails


This open air is my every kiss

as birds scoop straw that strays --

My out beyond

flies upside down


While side by side my simples wilt to grow

and homes of home are made


Largest is my love in open air

and steps to gathered chores

are what I am --

These sacred swoops of nows-to-then

and my being made of twine

of twirls or hope embraced

or dripping brims

of bucket-years that play


           -- Hiram Larew

This poem previously appeared in Fevers of the Mind.  

2 comentarios

edward mycue
edward mycue
29 abr

so swell and the line "These sacred swoops of nows-to-then" IS magnificant and you. Ed

Me gusta
Hiram Larew
Hiram Larew
29 abr
Contestando a

You, my buddy, are so swell as a poet and friend. Thanks.

Me gusta
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