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Poetry's Power with Sue Burge

In this 30-minute visit, UK poetry leader, Sue Burge visits with Hiram Larew about the Power of Poetry to address a variety of social issues -- from meeting the needs of the aging to addressing the plight of hunger or slavery's legacy.

Hosted by UK's Home Stage, the visit includes short readings by Ms. Burge and Larew as well as playbacks of recordings of Brian Donnell James presenting his moving poem from the Poetry X Hunger website, and Patrick Washington offering a poem from the Voices of Woodlawn program.

Thanks to Sue Burge. And, to Tom Harrison, Mark Fawcett, and Ashley Garfitt of the Home Stage Team.

For more info on Sue Burge, visit

For info on Poetry X Hunger, visit

To view a Voices of Woodlawn performance, visit Voices of Woodlawn 01 27 22 (


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