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Two Poems in Fevers of the Mind

Updated: Apr 25

Thanks to Editor David O'Nan for including a couple of poems (see below) in the just-released Issue 12 of Fevers of the Mind. 

Whiff is giddy with Spring and Splashed Paint is winking at frustrations. 

Both poems first appeared in my sixth collection, Patchy Ways (CyberWit, 2023). 

Copies of the Fevers of the Mind Issue 12 which showcases poets from near and far are available at




Open air is all my hearts

its beckon shirts my days

What wildly loves in me

grows in clumps

or tufts in rain or ditches

and never fails


This open air is my every kiss

as birds scoop straw that strays --

My out beyond

flies upside down


While side by side my simples wilt to grow

and homes of home are made


Largest is my love in open air

and steps to gathered chores

are what I am --

These sacred swoops of nows-to-then

and my being made of twine

of twirls or hope embraced

or dripping brims

of bucket-years that play


Splashed Paint


Heaven in hell what a day it’s been --

a devil of slams and broken-down stuff

a shorted-out curse of popping volts

and cracks in bricks 

that started gushing  


Even more

that bam of a what the devil crash

and then oh then

how paint somehow

                     dear god of spills

got loose


Yes sir

a day of days when

          I swear I give up

ended all of the misery for good

by stomping its hat

flat dead


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